Updated Stripping Procedure

Updated Stripping Procedure

06th Apr 2017

Уважаеми колеги,

Моля отбележете, че процедурата по деконтейнеризация се изменя считано от 01.03.17. Основните промени са:

• В нареждането за деконтейнеризация задължително се посочва платец на манипулацията.
• Въвежда се издаване на номер на заявка(Delivery Order) за деконтейнеризация, същият ще ви бъде изпращан от наш служител заедно с ПИН код, като отговор на подадената по мейл заявка (с посочен номер на коносамент).
• Регистриране на камиони на предварителен портал „Контейнеровози“ става задължително, като нужната информация за извършване на транзакция е: номер на заявка(Delivery Order) и ПИН номер.
• На водачите ще бъде издаван пропуск, който трябва да предоставят на експедитор стоки и товари, няма да могат да напуснат територията на пристанището без подпечатан такъв.

Във връзка с промяна на процедурата за деконтейнеризация, моля отбележете, че считано от 1.3.17 старата бланка „Заявка за деконтейнеризация“ няма да бъде приемана без вписан коносамент.

Новата бланка, може да намерите тук.


Dear Partners,

Please be advised that as of March, 1st 2017 the container stripping procedure had been updated. The major changes are as follows:

• Indication of the liable party for the manipulation in the stripping request is compulsory.
• We are instituting an issue of a request number (Delivery Order) for each stripping. A member of our staff will be providing the same along with a PIN code, as a reply to a request by mail, sent duly to operations@actburgas.bg ( containing the number of the Bill of Lading).
• Registering trucks at the preliminary gate “Container trucks” is mandatory as the information needed to perform the transaction is the request number (Delivery Order) and PIN code.
• Drivers will be granted a pass that they should present to the dispatcher of goods and cargo. Drives will not be able to leave the territory of the Port without presenting the pass with our stamp.

In relation to the updated container stripping procedure, please note that as of March, 1st 2017 the old form for stripping request will not be accepted if not containing the BL.

The new form can be found here.

Bales Clamp

Bales Clamp

08th Aug 2016

Dear Partners, 
We are pleased to introduce you our new Bales Clamp produced by Bolzoni Auramo Inc.!

This great gadget provides increased quality of our services and is suitable for processing Bales of cotton, wool, tobacco, fabrics and others.

The arm and frame are designed with slim and sleek design for optimum visibility of the operator and therefore more precise hydraulic control for safer handling of your cargo.

Load capacity of 2500 kg at a loading center of 500 mm, with clamping range of 640 – 1970 mm.
The arms have a length of 1000 mm and height of 400 mm.

You can find our brochure here.

Paper Roll Clamp

Paper Roll Clamp

02nd Jun 2016

Dear Partners,

In order to always meet our client’s demands we keep on expanding the variety of
services we provide!

We are pleased to introduce you our new Paper Roll Clamp produced by Bolzoni Auramo Inc.!

With this new attachment we can now step up on our service quality:Paper Roll Clamp

  • Efficient handling with built-in damage prevention;
  • Improved inventory managment;
  • Improved productivity;
  • Reduced cost of operation;
  • Ensured safety.

The clamp allows fast and accurate 360-degree rotation for safe and effective vertical and horizontal roll handling.

It is equipped with a hydraulic cushioning cushioning in the the vertical end positions.

Load capacity of 2500 kg at a load center of 800mm, with roll range 700-1600mm.
All hydraulic cylinders are equipped with built-in check valves. The slim and
smooth arm and frame design provides optimal visibility and advanced
hydraulic operation for safer handling of your cargo. The optimized arm
lengths with thin and smooth profile allow tight stowing in wagons, lorries, containers or ships.


You can find our brochure here.

ACT Burgas Completes Integration of Navis N4 Terminal Operating System

ACT Burgas Completes Integration of Navis N4 Terminal Operating System

11th Sep 2015

Oakland, CA—June 17, 2015—Navis, a part of Cargotec Corporation, and provider of operational technologies that unlock greater performance and efficiency for the world’s leading terminal operators, today announced that ACT Burgas, the container department of BMF Port Burgas EAD, has successfully gone live on the Navis N4 terminal operating system (TOS).

ACT Burgas operates in one of only two major Bulgarian ports in the Black Sea, and serves as an important East-West transport corridor for trade into the rest of the country. Its decision to modernize port operations and implement N4 comes alongside significant investment in new port infrastructure, equipment (including mobile harbour cranes, reachstackers and terminal tractors) and a reorganized internal operating structure.

Facing expected container growth of up to 10 percent over the next five years, the terminal recognized that its locally developed TOS would not be able to manage operations effectively over time. In addition, ACT Burgas sought to reduce or eliminate paper-based documentation exchange with its customers and convert to digital processes wherever possible.

“With the implementation of N4, our terminal achieved a major milestone on our way to becoming a twenty-first century container terminal, operating to worldwide industry standards. Together with the investments we have made in the yard and handling equipment in recent months, this constitutes a significant step forward, but not the end, of our modernization plan. The new operating platform provided by Navis opens a range of new opportunities for all port stakeholders and will help us to become the main gateway terminal for Bulgaria, and perhaps, a transshipment terminal for the Black Sea region,” said Capt. Jan Nowak, Director of ACT Burgas. N4 provides ACT Burgas with a proven platform for the management of its container operations, as well as supports the implementation of standard processes and EDI at the terminal.

The Navis TOS will also be instrumental for Burgas to achieve its desired levels of efficiency and operational productivity. With N4, PRESS RELEASE Navis, LLC 55 Harrison Street, Suite 600, Oakland, CA 94607 USA Tel: +1.510.267.5000 Fax: +1.510.267.5100 www.navis.com ACT Burgas hopes to increase its productivity from 11 to 18 moves per hour per crane, and from 22 to 36 moves per hour per vessel, respectively.

“Today, there is significant pressure on terminals to optimize their operations, by servicing larger ships faster than ever before, and at the same time meet demanding customer expectations. Forward-looking terminals like ACT Burgas recognize that part of that solution requires adopting industry-leading technologies like N4 to help deliver new efficiencies, visibility and cost-savings at the terminal and among global trading partners,” said Guenter Schmidmeir, General Manager of the EMEA region for Navis.

“We’re delighted to partner with ACT Burgas and are confident that our TOS will be instrumental in both modernizing their terminal operations and help to position ACT Burgas as a premier destination for containerized cargo in the Black Sea.”

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